"Mint" Loaf

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Image of "Mint" Loaf

Like all of the products at Level Ledges, the "Mint" Loaf is hand crafted from start to finish. These loafs are part of the Pastel Loaf Series of ledges. Each Pastel Loaf is dyed using premium color pigments. No paint, just beautiful color throughout. The "Mint" Loaf features a light and airy mint green color. Fresh and Minty is how we like it.

*Ledge color will vary from one ledge to another*

Orders come with L-Wax, cork "non-sliders" and stickers!

8in Long x 2in Wide x 1.75in Tall


Image of "Mint" Loaf Image of "Mint" Loaf Image of "Mint" Loaf Image of "Mint" Loaf