Loaf Ledge (Pastels)

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Loaf Ledge (Pastels)

The classic Loaf Ledge with some added color. Pigment Dyed Loaf Ledges have an added pigment that is solid throughout the concrete mix. Choose from yellow, mint, and pink options.

8in Long x 2in Wide x 1.75in Tall

What you'll get:
1 Original Loaf Ledge Obstacle
1 Piece of L-wax (Fingerboard Obstacle Wax)
Non-Slider Material
Level Ledges Stickers

*Please allow 1-2 weeks for orders to be completed and shipped*

*Pigment Dyed Loaf Ledges are cast from a different concrete than our standard mix.
Small air bubbles and minor imperfections may be present in the concrete.*

*Pigmented Concrete May Stain*