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Image of "Wrinkles"

Graphic Deck + Free Pole Jam Obstacle

-Real wear heat transfer graphic
-100% Hand made in the USA
-100% Hand dyed maple wood veneer plys
-Hydraulically pressed for Maximum "Pop"

Shapes and Sizes Available

Raptor Shape: Medium kicks, medium concave, defined dips
33.5mm x 97mm
34mm x 97mm

Bronto Shape: Medium kicks, medium to low concave
33.5mm x 97mm
34mm x 97mm

Included with Purchase:
1 Level Ledges Fingerboard Deck
1 FREE Small Pole Jam Obstacle
1 FREE Sheet of Fingerboard Connoisseur Black Velvet Foam Tape
Level Ledges Vinyl Stickers


Image of "Wrinkles" Image of "Wrinkles" Image of "Wrinkles"